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Wonder Woman Cosplay - Foam Armour Tutorial

Full Wonder Woman suit of armour - breastplate, bracers, shoes, tiara, leg armour and armband.

Here is a closer look at my Wonder Woman costume. Most of the armour is made from 5mm EVA foam with 2mm details glued on top. Tiara and armband are made from 2mm EVA foam.

I made two versions of the breastplate over the years. Each one of them has pro and cons. One on the left was made first. I love the paintjob - it's very cartoony and I love that style. Unfortunately it was a little bit too long for my style so I decided to make a second version (on the right). I love its shape and definitely sits better on the waist. However I tried to make it more realistic and I don't like the paint job.

Two super hero breastplates next to each other

I tried to make very easy attachments so I chose faux leather straps and velcro to attach most pieces.

I'm wearing Wonder Woman leg armour made from EVA foam. Photo taken before painting.
Leg armour made from 5mm EVA foam and 2mm details on top

Finished leg armour modelled by me.
Finished leg armour attached by faux leather straps.

Bracer attachments - straps of faux leather with velcro.
Bracer attachments - faux leather and velcro.

If you want full Wonder Woman cosplay tutorial, you can find it along with patterns on my Etsy shop:

If you decided to use this tutorial in your cosplay projects, tag me in your photos on social media. I want to see your progress :) You can find me on Instagram and Facebook (and sometimes Twitter)

Happy crafting!

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